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CLOID is the world's first blockchain-based cloud game streaming platform that presents the Stream-To-Earn (STE) mechanism.

CLOID introduces the innovative GameFi concept to allow users to claim rewards through streaming games.
White Paper
Game Universe
CLOID has a Game Universe that allows users to stream various games. Users can stream and enjoy mobile games through CLOID no matter where they live or what device or OS they use.

At the same time, users may claim rewards by using GameFi elements provided by the CLOID platform.

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In order to properly enjoy the GameFi elements of CLOID, users should first visit the In-App Marketplace. Next, they should select a game controller, which is necessary to be able to use the CLOID platform. The user can use the filter tool to find their preferred controller type.
Game Contollers
Users need one of the four types of game controllers to join CLOID. There are five different qualities of controllers and four different attributes. Users can use CRT/CGT tokens to adjust their controller's attribute points.
A controller’s energy is indicated on its battery. The controller’s battery automatically charges 25% every 6 hours. Users can use CRT/CGT tokens to purchase more controllers and increase their battery energy.
Owners of controllers (NFT) can use two of their own controllers and CGT/CRT tokens to make a box that contains a new controller.
Users can use CRT tokens to upgrade their buttons and place them in a socket. There are four types of buttons, and each button’s color represents its attributes.
  • Yellow: Potentiality
  • Blue: Luck
  • Green: Convenience
  • Red: Durability
In App-Market

Coming Soon

The In-App Market is a space for trading NFTs of game items. Users can trade various game item NFTs at the In-App Market, which is essential for GameFi. Users can keep their purchased NFTs in their personal wallets. If necessary, users can turn the game items they are playing with into NFTs and register them at the In-App Market.
The Token
Total supply 1 billion
Unlimited supply
$ CRT Token
  • Payment

  • Stream To Earn

  • Burn

$ CGT Token
  • Payment

  • Stream To Earn

  • DAO & Treasury

  • Staking

  • Burn

Token Distribution
Our Team
  • BrienCEO
  • NathanCTO
  • SamuelBlockchain PM
  • IanPlatform PM
  • MarkProduct Designer
  • 2022 2Q

    CLOID Game Prototype Launch

    DEV Platform Architecture Design

    White Paper 1.0 released

  • CLOID Game-Fi Architecture Design

    Graphic Emulation Driver Enhancement

    CLOID NFT Platform Architecture Design

    2022 3Q
  • 2022 4Q

    CLOID Game Universe Beta Release

    CLOID DEV Platform Web Console Open

    CLOID NFT Smart Contract System Design

    CLOID In App-Market Design

  • CLOID Game Universe Manager Service Launch

    CLOID Game Controllers Prototype Launch

    CLOID DEV Platform SDK Open

    CLOID NFT Smart Contract Deploy

    2023 1Q
  • 2023 2Q

    CLOID Game Universe Release

    CLOID Game-Fi Beta Release

    CLOID DEV Platform Launch

    CLOID NFT Platform Web Console Open

    CLOID In App-Market Beta Release

  • CLOID Game-Fi Release

    CLOID NFT Platform SDK Open

    CLOID In App-Market Release

    2023 3Q
  • 2023 4Q

    CLOID Game Universe Driver Enhancement

    In App Purchase Integration

    CLOID NFT Platform Launch

    NFT Exchange System Design

  • NFT Exchange System Launch

    2024 1Q
  • 2024 2Q

    DAO & Staking Mechanism Launch